This is a brief (and incomplete) list of apps, tools, and experiments that I’ve worked on, in no particular order. All are available on Github to view. - What you’re looking at right now! Built with Hugo, a static website generation library written in Go. You can take a look at the code for the site here.

Sesquicentennial - Worked with a six person team on an iOS and Android app that lets you explore Carleton’s history interactively usings maps and location data to provide quests and historical information. I contributed primarily to the iOS app, which you can view here.

Poker Squares - Created as part of research into artificial intelligence algorithms for Poker Squares, this project employs a genetic programming method that uses combines rule-based methods and decision trees to create evolvable groups of heuristics that play the game, using that as a metric for mutation and subsequent evolution.

MLOCR - An implementation of optical character recognition for handwritten digits trained on the MNIST data set. It is configurable to make use of Naive Bayes or a perceptron classifier.